These workshops include a lecture component, a participatory exercise, and a final critique.   I work with the host institution to tailor these workshops (as well as any lecture I may give) to their constituents. Please see below.

Articulating Your Practice

This workshop helps articulate your studio practice.  We will investigate different forms of writing for the professional artist:  the use of sensual description to evoke your objects; the use of close, visual analysis to highlight your inquiry; the use of historical precedent to contextualize your practice, and the use of phenomenological theory to highlight the encounter of your work.  

Basic Writing: Best Practices

This workshop is geared to anyone interested in learning the elements of good writing. I will lead students through all aspects of a writing assignment: brainstorming, outlining, and drafting.  This last section will be broken down into three units that detail the initial writing, grammatical editing, and final revision.  The workshop assignment may include such forms as a visual analysis or an artist statement. 

Writing a Review

Professional writing expands and highlights your career beyond the studio; it also provides a much-needed criticism within the field of glass and ceramic art.  Two types of publications open to the artist are the review of new books and art exhibitions. This workshop introduces the data and process needed to write a thorough critique. 

Workshop and Lecture Terms and Fees

I work with the members of the host institution to tailor workshops and lectures to their constituents.  For example, my lecture, “The Phenomenology of Glass,” may be broadened to offer an array of critical approaches to contemporary practice—from visual description through contextual analyses, culminating in articulating the bodily encounter with the object or installation.   


The host institution needs to cover my expenses.  Honoraria are flexible according to the nature of my engagement and the financial abilities of the institution.  


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