This summer I am offering two classes at Alfred that might interest you. Each three-week course may be audited or taken for 4 college credits—either undergraduate or graduate-level.

In May, I will be teaching “Contemporary Projects in Art” (May 15-June 1) in which we investigate current, critical issues in the art world in a global context. We will root these recent projects in the shifting terrain of the 1960s and 70s when postmodernism and post-colonialism emerged. Lectures will center on exhibitions and catalogs from various art spaces that deal with aspects of avant-garde practice today, including the emergence of the international biennial.

In June, I will be offering “SILICA: Contemporary Glass and Ceramic Art” (June 5-22). This course is a material traverse of recent glass and ceramic practices; we will view new work through critical, curatorial, and historical lenses. The course is a mixture of lectures and artist talks, discussions and studio visits.

For information on these courses, contact Cathleen Johnson, Summer School Coordinator at or at 607-871-2412. As always, you may email me at

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