I am a professor of art history with a focus on modern and contemporary sculpture; I teach at the School of Art and Design, Alfred University.  Over the past decade, I have broadened my pedagogical interests to embrace the specific realm of glass and ceramic art as well as the broader discourse in craft practice. My current course offerings include: “Silica:  Contemporary Glass and Ceramic Art,” “In, Of, and Around Contemporary Craft.”  I have recently developed a series of asynchronous, online classes that emphasize contemporary professional studio practices.

My classroom advocacy for contemporary sculpture, craft, and craft-based practices has extended into my research and professional activities.  My abridged curriculum vitae (below) highlights a number of writings for exhibition catalogs on ceramics (and, recently, in glass), my oral histories conducted for the Smithsonian’s Laitman Documentation Project for American Craft, my ongoing editorial advising for the international, scholarly journal entitled Interpreting Ceramics, and my chairing of the first College Art Association (CAA) panel on contemporary ceramics.

My engagement with materials—glass and ceramic—outside of the mainstream critical framework has been a critical element in my rethinking and revising of modern art history.  I seek to broaden the critical boundaries of these areas. My lectures are aimed at provoking the glass and ceramic communities to question their received history and to expand their references for contemporary art production.